Since its founding we also manufacture technical systems for specific problems. With our wide experience in industrial manufacturing technology we find unconventional solutions for a variety of problem cases. Our expertise is primarily based on our expert knowledge in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Our expertise includes:

  • Control technology
  • Production technology
  • Distributed systems (from sensor/actuator level to operational logistics)
  • PLC systems (especially Simatic S5 / S7)
  • Process visualisation
  • Cabinet construction (with our partner EAT Energie und Automatisierungstechnik)
  • Metal construction and special constructions
  • Application of flexible components (for dosing and container)

 Below we present a few examples of our installations and the use of flexible components.


Examples for executed systems

 7-Komponenten Dosieranlage
Dosing system for 7 components
   5-Komponenten Dosieranlage
Dosing system for 5 components
 Bandwaage 1500
Belt Scale 60 t/h
   Mehrkomponentenanlage mit Mischrinne
Multi component system with mixing trough
 4-Komponenten KompaktanlageCompact system for 4 components  

Dosierbehälter mit Reinigungsöffnung und Schnellentleerungs-Einrichtung

Dosing container with cleanout
and quick emptying feature


Examples for the application of flexible components

 Dosierer mit Flexbehälter
Dosing system with container and flexible link
   Flex Vorlage mit RinneContainer with trough and flexible link  
 Dosierbehälter mit Gummiinlett
Dosing container with rubber inlet
   Austragsrinnen unter Flexbehältern
Discharge trough below container with flexible link
2 Wege-Weiche in Flexausführung
2 way switch in flexible execution
   Dosiergerät mit Flexbehälter in Lebensmittelqualität
Dosing device with container and flexible link in FDA quality
Dosiergerät mit Flexbehälter und Austragshilfen
Dosing device with container,
discharge aids and flexible link